Inject some fun, energy and passion into your organisation and increase your company productivity...


Our unique activities can help you with your employee branding, health and well-being, team working, creativity and innovation. We work with you to create and deliver the perfect engaging employer experience. Our experiential activities are fun, creative, get people to work together and are fully inclusive. With over 20 years experience in the education and entertainment industry, we are sure to provide you with the perfect team building activities.

Are you looking to engage your staff ?


We provide...


Conference energisers

Away Days

Weekly warm-ups

Creative Innovation activities

Family Fun days

Evening events

Community events

Would you like to...

Boost mood and the positivity of your people?

Give your employee's 'room to play' and innovate?

Boost productivity in a cost effective way?

The benefits of our activities...

Kick-start team creativity in a fun and physical way

We make your meetings memorable

We keep delegates and team members energized

We help increase employee health and well being

Why work with us?

There are hundreds of event companies out there that provide team building activities, so what makes us stand out from the crowd? We are experts in getting people to be active, creative and to think outside the box! 

We start with a consultation with our clients to find out the overall aim for the team building event, then we create and deliver  the perfect activities to help you to inspire people to relax, have fun and communicate with each other in a positive way.  We are dedicated to ensuring you get the best workshop facilitators.  We create bespoke packages to suit your needs and provide anything from a 1 hour workshop with a small group of people, to a full weekend of activities with over 100 delegates. We are passionate about adding value and the 'feel good' factor wherever possible.

Have you ever thought about inviting employee's family to a weekend away? You could spend some time getting the training done, whilst we provide activities for the children and other adults...then we can help you entertain everyone in the afternoon or evening -  great team building for all!

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