'Edu-tain' your children with our exciting live dance show and workshops...


Are you looking for a innovative way to engage your pupils in maths? We can help by injecting fun, energy and creativity into learning at your school.

Our Dancing Maths live show and workshop package is for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. It is a unique, interactive learning opportunity for children to watch a live show and take part in practical dance workshops - all with the added bonus of doing some extra maths too! 

"The children were spellbound"


"We all thought the performances were very well pitched and the children were spellbound! They have continued to be enthused about maths ever since and will remember what they did for years to come." More testimonials...

We help you to...

Inspire staff to make maths physical and creative

Inject fun and energy into your curriculum

Promote key skills and cross-curricular learning

Target kinaesthetic learners and help secure numeracy skills

Give your maths day the ‘wow’ factor!

The benefits...

Keeps children active and healthy

Builds self esteem, motivation and confidence

Encourages children to be active and creative

Ignites their imagination, curiosity and sense of fun

Reinforces numeracy knowledge and understanding

primary school dance

Fun learning...

Our methodology taps into pupil’s imagination, curiosity, sense of fun and for building confidence and self esteem.  It is perfect for 'mastery in maths' and for developing skills in performing arts and PE.

We have found it has very successful with students who may struggle, seem uninterested or lack confidence in maths. By tackling mathematical concepts through movement, rhythm, props, voice and most importantly of all light hearted, fun tasks; pupils often forget they are thinking about maths as well as dancing!

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Live Show

The Dancing Maths live show brings the maths curriculum alive with movement, music and voice!  A team of professional dancers will perform in your school hall, demonstrating fun ways to dance about maths.

Watch the dancers perform funky dance routines, breath-taking lifts and solve mathematical puzzles in a fun, lighthearted way. The up-beat music, visually stimulating costumes and quirky sound effects all  keep the children engaged throughout the show.  Children simply love the audience interaction and 'shouting out' the answers to maths questions too.

You can choose either the KS1 or KS2 performance, or, book both shows on the same day. The shows last 35 minutes long and we can provide interactive workshops after the show with your chosen classes.

Interactive workshops

Children will stomp the times tables, dance the digits, make a dance equation, create funny mathematical sound effects, practice dancing up and down the number line, make a moving bar chart and more... Every Dance Equation class starts with a high-energy dance warm up, vocal exercises, body percussion and a bit of mental maths thrown in there too!  Our unique way of working really gets the mind and body connected and alert. There are no 'wrong answers' in our classes, no pen or paper, just our minds, bodies, music, action and of course, FUN!

We believe that dance is a fantastic way for children to develop self esteem, confidence and body awareness. It's also a great way for them to be expressive, develop better physicality and it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

The workshops can be booked along with the live show and/or they can run for a half/full term block.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can advise you on the best options. The classes will be mixed ability and mixed ages, however we will work with the school to ensure that children are encouraged to work at their individual level of maths.


Contact us today to find out more...

Please email or call us with the details of your school location, number of classes you would like to target and years group/s and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote..

If you would like to discuss what we offer in more detail over the phone, please feel free to call or email us with any questions.


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"We thoroughly enjoyed your dancers' visit and our children went home on that day totally enthused. On the back of I managed a highly successful maths week and would not hesitate to recommend you to other maths co-ordinators and schools. We all thought the performances were very well pitched and the children were spellbound! They have continued to be enthused about maths ever since and will remember what they did for years to come. Thank you.”

Helen Teacher from Crazies Hill CE School.



"The children really enjoyed the day. It was great to find another way into maths that will help them in their learning. We've had lots of great ideas and can now use them in our lessons. The children were mesmerised by the performance. We thought the dancers really interacted well with the children and held their interest throughout. The performance was great for all the year groups, something for all of them all the way through. Thank you, a great day!" 

Teacher from Tennyson Road Infant School.