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Live Maths Show

Our primary school maths show brings the maths curriculum alive with dance, music and voice!

A team of professional dancers will demonstrate fun ways to dance about maths by performing funky routines set to up-beat music, whilst doing mathematical calculations!

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About the show

Watch the dancers make numbers with their body, play greater then/less than games, dance with their number bond partner, perform interesting movement patterns up and down the number line. They stomp the times-tables, perform clever balances whilst making shapes out of props and even make up a dance from a bar chart! You may even get asked onto the stage to help the dancers solve mathematical problems during the show!

The visually stimulating costumes, quirky sound effects and audience participation keep children engaged throughout the show; the mental maths questions will get them thinking too.


"Highly successful maths week"


"The children were spellbound"


"Enthused about maths ever since"

Further Information...


This fun show is performed live in your school hall by a team of professional dancers - a great way to treat your pupils without the hassle of travelling. Content of the shows varies on the age and level of the class groups you choose. The show is suitable for SEN groups.

There are 3 different performances - each designed specifically for each age group:

SHOW A: Reception and Year 1.

SHOW B: Year 2 and Year 3.

SHOW C: Year 4, 5 and 6. 

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You can book our Maths show on it's own, or as a kick start to a block of Dancing Maths classes. Please contact us today to find out how we could work with your school.