How we work with schools

We provide in school dance classes for children aged 4-11 years that cover dance in the PE curriculum. Your school can contract us to deliver a block of dance to different classes of children over a term or on a continued basis. We include planning, evaluation and pupil assessment as part of our offer and work with the school’s curriculum and development plans.

PE Curriculum

Over a block of dance at your school, we will cover many aspects of the PE curriculum relevant to Key Stag 1 and Key Stage 2 programme of study.

Children will:

  • Develop fundamental movement skills including: agility, flexibility, strength, technique, control, balance, coordination
  • Perform dances using a wide range of movement patterns
  • Work in groups and team to compose their own dances – communicating and collaborating with each other. 

Active and Creative

Keeping children active and creative is key to our work. All our classes are high energy and active throughout – keeping children moving as much as possible. We will also work with your school to include cross-curricular learning opportunities within our dance classes. For example if a class are working on a specific topic in school, we can include themes form this within our planning.

If you are looking for help to develop dance in your school as well injecting creative energy? We can help. Our dance classes include all kinds of dance styles and are led by highly experienced professional , creative dance teachers. So, please do contact us to find out how we can help you.