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“Just wanted to say what a fantastic day we had! The performance was pitched exactly right for our pupils - simple, visual, clear, engaging - and even pupils who normally have very poor attention skills were captivated by it. The girls handled the workshops very skilfully too and throughout the day staff kept giving me very positive feedback. And finally the CPD session was just right for our rather exhausted staff! I`ve certainly got lots of ideas for dance lessons with my class, something which I don`t generally feel very confident about. Back in class my children loved trying to make the number shapes with their bodies, and looking for shapes on the playground.”

Many, many thanks, Trish and all of us at Pictor Special School.

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We tailor our DANCING MATHS workshops and live show to meet the needs of each group. We are highly experienced at working with children of all needs and ability and have developed specific creative practise that works really well with children with ASD. Please contact us to discuss the opportunity of us working with your school.