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These workshops are fun, physical and promote creative learning. Our inventive approach encourages participants to explore maths in a kinaesthetic way. Every workshop refers to maths themes relevant for the specific group of children. They include a dance warm up, learning mathematical dance steps, creative tasks and a cool down.

Our experience and knowledge of working in a school environment ensures all our workshops are engaging, fun and of high quality. All our workshop leaders are highly skilled, confident, child friendly and CRB checked.

We can also provide after school workshops and parent-child workshops as part of our visit. Please get in touch to find out more.

Please take a look the Euronews feature about Dance Equation:

Maths Programme for Special Schools

The SEN MATHS programme has been carefully developed by working alongside teachers and pupils at special schools in the East Midlands. We have found our ideas seem to work especially well with young people with autism due to the bright colours, music, repetition and physicality.

The day starts with an exciting, upbeat dance performance to the whole school or department, whereby pupils and staff are introduced to concepts such as number, shape, sequencing and direction. We then spend time with some members of staff (teachers and/or teaching assistants), to explain and plan the following workshops. This time allows us to demonstrate some of the practical tasks in the workshops, explain how it works and indeed support the school to continue this work after we have gone.

The groups you choose will then take part in a dance workshop based on maths themes shown above.During the workshops the dancers use as little verbal language as possible, all movement and soundsmade will be intentional so as to make communication clear. We have found this gives the students a greater chance of understanding the starting point for the task, but at the same time give them the freedom to explore their own ideas and creativity.



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