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Key Stage 1 Resource Pack

  • Designed to inspire children and teachers to DANCE ABOUT MATHS
  • Unique cross-curricular learning resource that is fun, physical and creative
  • Suitable for all ability with many alternative ways to differentiate each main theme
  • Explanation and real demonstrations from professional dancers

Comprehensive step by step guide of specific dance routines to follow with the DVD, plus other creative tasks and ideas - can be used over and over again Price: £50

  • Pack contains:
  • DVD

The TEACHERS NOTES include a recommended lesson structure, descriptions of the activities and a breakdown of dance steps used on the DVD. There are extra hand outs at the back of the booklet to accompany specific activities.

The DVD includes an introduction, a warm up, set dances and examples for each of the main activities and a cool down. If you have access to an interactive whiteboard or DVD player in the space you are using, you can let your children copy the dance steps directly from the dancers on the DVD.

The MUSIC CD has all the tracks used on the DVD and can be used on a CD player when you/your class are practising and performing the dance steps.

Within the resource pack there are six main maths themes including:

  • Digits
  • Dancing Digits
  • Number Bonds
  • Ten's and hundred's
  • Operations
  • Number sentences
  • To purchase the Key Stage 1 DANCE about MATHS resource pack use the option below or contact us:

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