We help schools to inject fun and energy into learning with our Dancing Maths classes and live show. 

You can book our ‘Dancing Maths’ themed classes and live shows for your school children. These cross-curricular classes and performances are perfect for schools wanting to inject active and creative learning into their curriculum. You can book the classes or show separately, or in a combined package. Please contact us for more information.

Dancing Maths classes

During our Dancing Maths classes, children ‘stomp’ the times-tables, make number digits with their bodies, perform calculations, make a moving bar chart and more… The workshops are for KS1 and KS2 and can be booked as a one off day, or to run in a half term block.

Maths show

Our primary school maths show brings the maths curriculum alive with dance, music and voice! A team of professional dancers will demonstrate fun ways to dance about maths by performing funky routines set to up-beat music, whilst doing mathematical calculations!

Here is a testimonial we received from a school:

“We thoroughly enjoyed your dancers’ visit and our children went home on that day totally enthused. On the back of I managed a highly successful maths week and would not hesitate to recommend you to other maths co-ordinators and schools. We all thought the performances were very well pitched and the children were spellbound! They have continued to be enthused about maths ever since and will remember what they did for years to come. Thank you.”                 

Helen, teacher from Crazies Hill Primary school.

Contact us today to find out how we can work with your school. Please email info@dance-equation.co.uk, call Rebecca on 07985 710144, or fill out the contact form below.