Make maths fun and physical at your school...


We provide Dancing Maths classes that are designed to inspire and engage school pupils by injecting fun and energy into learning.

Our Dancing Maths classes have lots of benefits for children. We help keep children active, healthy and creative; our classes are great for building self-esteem and confidence; there are lots of opportunities for children to practice fluency in maths; and most importantly, we have lots of fun!.... the perfect recipe for learning.

Please take a look at the information below or contact us today to find out how we could work with your school.


The Benefits...


Encourages children to be active, healthy and creative.

Proven to build self-esteem, motivation and confidence.

Reinforces numeracy knowledge and number fluency.

Covers the PE and creative arts curriculum.

Ignites imagination and curiosity around a core subject.

It’s fun and conveniently at your local school.

Help your school with...


PPA cover

Staff CPD

Arts Mark

Pupil Premium activity

School Improvement plan 

Healthy School


Would you like us to visit your school?

Find out about how we can work in your school, check availability and prices today.  Please call 07985 710144, email  or go to our contact form.

About our Dancing Maths classes...


During our Dancing Maths classes, children will stomp the times tables, make number digits with their body, perform a dance-equation, make a moving bar chart and more...

Our workshops are fun, physical and creative, they are great for well-being, self-esteem and confidence; all this, with a bit of mental maths thrown in there too!

There are no pens, paper, desks or chairs in our workshops, just our minds, bodies, music, action and lots of FUN!



Our Dancing Maths classes for Early Years, KS1, KS2 and SEN. 

Careful planning and liaison with schools we work with ensures that the content is appropriate and at the right level for each class. 

We also provide staff CPD workshops for schools and student teachers.



We visit schools during term time for a half term or full term block.

Our classes usually cover a half day or full day and follow the normal school timetable. We can work with 2 classes in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.



Further details...


Classes usually run for 1  hour and can include up to 30 pupils at a time. We are happy for teaching staff to join in, watch and observe or we often run the classes as PPA cover with a teaching assistant. 

We tailor our classes to suit your needs and ensure that content is appropriate for the age, level and abilities of the pupils. We ask that pupils wear their normal indoor PE kits and have bare feet or plimsolls. 

All our dancers are highly experienced professional dance teachers, have DBS checks and public liability. 

"The under-pinning research was of very high quality"

Schools often book us as an outside provider for PE, PPA cover, Staff CPD, for help with Arts mark and even help with school improvement plans. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

"We thoroughly enjoyed your dancers' visit and our children went home on that day totally enthused. On the back of I managed a highly successful maths week and would not hesitate to recommend you to other maths co-ordinators and schools. We all thought the performances were very well pitched and the children were spellbound! They have continued to be enthused about maths ever since and will remember what they did for years to come. Thank you.”

Helen Teacher from Crazies Hill CE School.


Fun, engaging and inclusive...


We have found our workshops are very successful with students who may struggle, seem uninterested or lack confidence in maths.  By tackling mathematical concepts through movement, rhythm, props, voice and most importantly of all light-hearted, fun tasks; pupils often forget they are thinking about maths as well as dancing!


"The children really enjoyed the day. It was great to find another way into maths that will help them in their learning. We've had lots of great ideas and can now use them in our lessons. The children were mesmerised by the performance. We thought the dancers really interacted well with the children and held their interest throughout. The performance was great for all the year groups, something for all of them all the way through. Thank you, a great day!" 

Teacher from Tennyson Road Infant School.