Would your school benefit from promoting active learning, creativity and key skills?

Our exciting workshop and performance package is beneficial in many ways, including...



  • Keeps them active and healthy
  • Builds self esteem, motivation and confidence
  • Encouraging pupil to be active and creative
  • Ignites their imagination and curiosity and sense of fun
  • Reinforcing numeracy knowledge and understanding


  • Keep your pupil's fit and healthy through active learning
  • Promote creativity, key skills and cross-curricular learning
  • Target kinaesthetic learners and help secure numeracy skills
  • Inspire staff to make maths physical and creative
  • We help you to give your maths day the ‘wow’ factor!


Our methodology taps into pupil’s imagination, curiosity and sense of fun and is great for building confidence and self esteem.  It is perfect for 'mastery' in maths and for developing skills in performing arts and PE.

We have found it has very successful with students who may struggle, seem uninterested or lack confidence in maths. By tackling mathematical concepts through movement, rhythm, props, voice and most importantly of all light hearted, fun tasks, pupils often forget they are thinking about maths as well as dancing!


Research by an independent consultant points at the many benefits of our classes. Read more...