Are you looking for an active, creative AND fun after school club?


Our DANCING MATHS after school club is the perfect combination...

We provide after school classes that keeps children active, healthy, creative AND doing more maths too! The classes run once a week and follow the usual school term dates.  Each after school club runs at times that have been set with the school. Please contact us for more information.

Active + healthy

Children love to move...Our after-school classes are high energy, fun and physical - children simply love learning with their bodies, away from their desks, without pen and paper.


These classes inspire children to be creative, think outside the box and use their artistic skills.  Our inventive approach is a hit with children as we tap into their imagination, curiosity and sense of humour.

dance + maths = fun!

We get children to 'Stomp' their timestables, make shapes with elastics, create a dance from a bar chart, do calculations with their bodies, play dance games with a mathematical theme and more...

Next Steps...

If you would like us to run a DANCING MATHS after-school club at your school, please contact us to discuss the options available to your school.