Dancing Maths After School Course

Has your child got the X² FACTOR?

Help your child to see a whole other side to learning and appreciate Maths in a fun and innovative way with our Dancing Maths After School Course at your child's school.

This innovative and proven educational course will keep your children active and creative with the added bonus of practicing maths while having fun!

The classes run once a week and will follow the usual school term dates. Each after school club runs at times that have been set with the school so please contact us for more information.

How it all adds up…

We get children to 'Stomp' their times tables, make shapes with elastics, create a dance from a bar chart, do calculations with their bodies, play dance games with a mathematical theme and much more...


What are the benefits?


Proven to build self-esteem, motivation and confidence

Encourages children to be active, healthy and creative

Ignites imagination, curiosity around a subject some children struggle to learn

Reinforces numeracy knowledge and understanding

It’s fun and conveniently at your local school.